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Secondskin - Captive Audience Digipak

Image of Secondskin - Captive Audience Digipak


Artist: Secondskin
Title: Captive Audience

1. If you knew...
2. Pawned life
3. Fashion victim
4. Captive audience
5. Spoonful of sugar
6. Triggered happy
7. Is this how far we've come?
8. Meanderthal
9. Among the mute majority
10. Capable of anything
11. HPID
12. ...what the river carries

"Secondskin are one of the bands to watch out for in 2010. "
- Matt D, Alt Sounds

"Great stuff, very impressive!"
- Dave Chang, Producer

"Captive Audience, the latest release from Glasgow Prog Metal outfit Secondskin, is nothing short of stunning."
- Ross Allen

"A powerful work that is both beautiful and unsettling all at once." 9/10
- The Hinge, UKMetalUnderground

"..hauntingly beautiful music providing the backing for similarly haunted-sounding vocals."
- Alter the Press

"..the dedication and soul that has gone into it drip from every pore ...a brave and ambitious first record"
- Kerrang!

"..catchy, melodic prog with big singalong chorus’s and big melodic bombastic bits with great fecking bells hanging off of them"
- Dan Cairns, Demon Pigeon

"Captive Audience is definitely one of the albums to buy in 2010!"
- Ross Allen

"Secondskin have a canny knack of taking complex and challenging themes and somehow managing to present them in such a way that the music sounds bright, tight and accessible "
- Steven Reid, Sea of Tranquility

"Captive Audience is an excellent record – impressive both in its ambition and in how fully the band have managed to realise their vision. Highly recommended."
-Phillip Whitehouse, One Metal

This release is also available digitally: *coming soon*

Official release date 22/03/2010